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Financing Your Manufactured Home

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The manufactured home buying process can be confusing at times. We are here to assist you with all of your questions and concerns. Below is some information that you may find helpful when making your manufactured home buying decision.


  • Property can be owned, owned by family or friend, or leased.
  • We have lots available for lease or purchase.
  • Always check zoning requirements for your county or city.
  • Make sure utilities are available to your home site.
  • In some cases, your home can be placed in a flood zone.
  • If you are not on community sewer, you will need an approved Waste-water Treatment System. We have a list of preferred contractors if needed.
  • The State Fire Marshall has site prep requirements for manufactured homes. For a diagram of these site prep requirements, please click on the link to the side.
  • We will do a site inspection to assist you with site preparation and accessibility.


At Magnolia Estates, we have fifteen different banks and lenders that we can use. Our sales staff will work hard to get you the best rate available for manufactured home financing. There are many types of home loans. Below are explanations of the most common.


Chattel or Home Only Loans


This is a loan for a manufactured home that is not affixed to real estate. This means that this is a personal property loan for a mobile home. This loan is most common when the home is located in a mobile home park, on family land, on leased space, or even when it is located on your own land, providing you are not affixing the land and home together in the loan.


Land and Home Loans or Conventional Mortgages


When you finance your home and land together, you will use this type of loan. For example, you are purchasing land and a home and would like to finance them under one loan.


Land-in-Lieu Loans


With this type of loan, the bank will give you down payment credit for the equity in the land that YOU own. In order to use this type of loan, the land must be owned by you and in your name.